Connecting data-driven insights to business-wide results through product design initiatives for SaaS and B2B companies.

I am a fractional Product Design Director creating design systems in the enterprise, SaaS and OTT space. I prioritize data-driven solutions and measurable results and drive innovation at a systems level to improve user experiences across multi-faceted product suites.

Fractional Product Design Lead

Product Design Lead at mediasilo.com across 30+ shipped features. Product Design Advisor with Health Tech Startup since 2019, designed and roadmapped MVP. Fractional Product Design Director for Paradigm Client/Broker Portals across 15+ shipped features.

Design Systems & Operations

Scaling Design Ops across design and engineering teams to build more efficient design systems, processes and product tracking into product operations.

Product Consultant

Consulting with startups across various industries to define product vision, establish design direction, and implement achievable roadmaps.

Design Director

Design Director for Aero Interactive, a digital design agency I founded in 2013, providing design innovation across a wide variety of industries.

Design Systems

Design System Strategy & Planning
Design Tokens/Variables
Multi-Product Design Systems
Multi-Mode Design Systems
Enterprise Design Systems
Atomic Design Philosophy
Web Design Systems
Product Design Systems
Design System Implementation
Storybook Documentation

Design Strategy

User Persona Development
Quantitiative & Qualitative Research
User Flows
Product & UX Design
User Interface Design
Advanced Design Prototyping
Design Ops & Processes
Pendo Implementation
Product Analytics & KPIs

"Nothing but great things to say. Lindsey has been a great partner to us, and consequentially Foodbuy Canada and Foodbuy Australia, and has even helped streamline digital branding with Foodbuy UK.”


“Lindsey, thank you so much for everything. There is so much buzz about the site, really exciting. Thank you all for making it possible. ”


"Lindsey has done some good work with us and brings a strong User Interface & User Experience background to bear on design work for web"

ANDREW KEAVENEY | ART OF LIVING, Director of Digital Media