The Process

When we began the design process for CanopyNation, we started by analyzing their primary audiences: business owners, CEOs, chief people officers, HR professionals and more secondarily – company employees.

Design is all about understanding the audience and ensuring we meet them with the right message.

We knew the brand’s personality was represented with keywords like warm, trustworthy, modern and committed.

Through extensive design research and competitor analysis, we began to create moodboards and color palettes that differentiated from competitors and held strongly to those keywords.

A canopy is all encompassing. Our team envisioned a canopy of sky, a canopy bed, a canopy tent and the emotions these evoke. We set out to create this same mood throughout the design.

Tones of blues reflect the endlessness of sky – the unlimited competencies CanopyNation offers in this space. Strong color contrasts and a distinct font choice reflect the company’s modern, forward-thinking edge.

The use of a curved element throughout tied back into the visual of a canopy to re-emphasize the brand’s name. It also provided a soft edge to the designs to evoke the peace and calm the company offers. The peace that comes when a vacationer watches waves gently cascading over a shoreline, is the peace we wanted the brand to represent.

CanopyNation is built upon honesty, integrity and devotion to customers. Through a clear design with strong contrast and people-centric photography, our goal was to establish them as a personal voice of integrity and calm throughout the customer’s decision-making process.