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Lindsey partnered with the Chief Product Officer of General Steel to re-invent the entire site user experience to solve user pain points and drive ROI. A primary goal of the site is to serve as a catalog of steel kit options and drive engagement with those choices.

This project was very data-driven with extensive upfront research. After the redesign the company saw significant increase in site engagement. Organic bounce rates for various pages decreased on average of 15.9%-37.5%.

There was a .9% decrease in session length, which we hope to correlate to users reaching a call to action more quickly. There was a 10.3% decrease in pages clicked, which we hope to correlate with users moving more efficiently where they need to go.

The flow of organic traffic saw a 104% increase in traffic between kits pages in the first interaction and a 79% increase in traffic to non-kits pages in the first interaction.

Traffic that entered the kits pages tended to stay within the kits section, especially the garages and houses pages.
The kits pages saw a 28.5% increase in organic traffic, a 26.3% increase in organic new users, and a 40.4% increase in organic goal completions (all goals).

Overall the project goals were exceeded and supported in post-launch data findings.