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TrueU is an incredibly dynamic organization focused on partnering with forward-thinking companies that recognize the importance of culture. They needed a modern web presence to match their passion for innovation lead by people.

I partnered with them through a 3rd party marketing agency to gain an understanding of their audience, brand values, messaging and tone. This was all incorporated into the user interface for the new website.

Each primary site page was created in Sketch using symbols to streamline the design process. Their audiences were taken into account with the flow of each page as well as the choices in calls to action. The final design deliverable was a fully interactive InVison prototype. I then collaborated closely with the developer to ensure the aesthetic and interactivity translated into the build.

“THANK YOU!!! This is so exciting and the team literally came in and GASPED at how beautiful and pretty the new site looked. Thank you for all your hard work on this.”

“The work you have done is making us better.”

”Thanks for all you are doing to make us amazing.”

“SO PRETTY! Love this look! Love that its not all green and the use of our logo throughout. You’ve done amazing work with this and we are so excited about what is to come.”

“We love how this is coming together. It’s very energizing for our team!”